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If you don't rescue, DON'T BREED!

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized every year due to animal overpopulation. Pure breed rescues evolved from a need to provide certain breeds to humane minded people. Here are a few links that will help you find any breed you want--without stepping foot in a puppy mill or pet store. more about benefits of adopting through rescues instead of exasperating the issue of overpopulation.

These links are limited, but more specific groups may be found through your local Humane Society or Shelter. Shelters are more than happy to connect approved adopters with the cat or dog of their choice--even if it means several(hundred) phone calls or emails. So think rescue for your next dog, cat, rabbit, horse, or for whatever you are looking.

Dog Breed Rescue & Adoption

Cat Breed Rescue & Adoption

Dog Rescue

Shelters/Rescue Groups For Companion Animals