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Declawing, or the Onychectomy procedure, is a fervent topic of discussion between animal care workers, veterinarians and lay people. Most animal enthusiasts already have an opinion on the matter. Some recognize the harmful effects of declawing, yet still submit their animals to the procedure. At the other extreme there are those adamantly opposed to such procedures. These individuals often inform others about the harmful aspects of declawing. Below you'll find a variety of sites with ostensibly objective information.

We are soundly opposed to declawing. The best adoption contracts prohibit cats from being declawed once they leave the shelter. Those who choose to declaw often find themselves confronting new behavioural problemsand we feel it makes more sense to treat the existing issue rather than create new ones. Cat owners who are not accepting of a cat's natural desire to scratch will probably not want to contend with the onset of problems declawing may incur. This is why many problematic declawed cats are relinqished to shelters. As most shelters are required to inform potential adopters of cats' past behaviors, declawed cats are unlikely candidates for adoption.

Please read through all the information presented on these sites before making the decision to declaw your cat.

Thank you for taking the time to research this decision.
Everything you need to make an educated decision, and proven alternatives that will work for you and Fluffy.

Educate, Don't Amputate!
Pictures, discussion, articles and more links.

Feline Behaviorist, Pam Johnson-Bennett
"As a behaviorist, I don't believe in declawing. Training is a much better option."

Things you need to know whether you choose to declaw or not
"Declawing a cat... nobody really likes the idea of it, especially the cat! "




West Hollywood condems declawing

US city shows its claws over cat rights
...a unique blow for feline rights by moving to outlaw the de-clawing of cats.

West Hollywood Takes First Step In Banning Cat Declawing
...would require the city attorney to create a draft of the proposed ban.

California city seeks ban on cat declawing
Declawing is banned already in several European nations.

We're hoping it will cause other cities to think
"It's my duty as a veterinarian to follow the Hippocratic Oath: 'Above all do no harm,' Declawing is too harsh a punishment."