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Many animal rescue and activist groups are working to diminish potential effects of the impending arrival of a large corporate, chain pet store in Athens. We are concerned with any store that markets animals, be they furry, feathered or scaled, as a commodity.

We're apprehensive for many reasons. The sale of companion animals invariably contributes to the overpopulation dilemma and exacerbates the growing numbers seen at local shelters. Corporate pet stores often have no spay/neuter requirements for their animals before or after purchase. Without a detailed screening process, animals purchased by uneducated or unprepared buyers often go to homes which may not be suitable for their needs.

We oppose the support of puppy mills and catteries for their inhumane breeding practices and contribution to pet overpopulation. Pet stores that "import" their animals by supporting such animal factories while refusing to establish strict spay/neuter requirements undermine almost a century of local animal welfare efforts.

Shelters strive to provide a healthy variety of rescued animals, already spayed/neutered and vaccinated at affordable prices. All adoption proceeds usually support the operation of your local shelter and other missions.